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Is your supplement 100% Animal FREE? September 5, 2008



New NatureBorn….the ONE GOOD THING you can do for your health daily.  NatureBorn is a brand new all natural whole foods supplement.


  • 100% Animal free
  • 100% Vegetarian formula
  • Certified organic whole food blends
  • Bioavailability daily supplement
  • Blend of Tahitian Noni leaf and fruit that is easily absorbed into a persons body 
  • Contains high levels of antioxidants 
  • Helps to lower cholesterol in as little as four weeks
  • It also may reduce the risk of heart disease 



You may be saying…”WOW WHAT AN AMAZING SUPPLEMENT!” and you are so right!  NatureBorn, powered by Tahitian Noni is just that…an Amazing new product just added to the Tahitian Noni International product line.  For those who have done their research on Tahitian Noni International, know that TNI does not put their name on just anything!  Tahitian Noni Juice was first produced back in 1996 and today it is a BILLION DOLLAR industry with every 1.8 seconds a bottle of juice being sold.  

Tahitian Noni’s NatureBorn new Whole Health Complex is sure to be the next best thing in Noni products worldwide!




WELL IT’S ABOUT TIME! TAHITIAN NONI INTERNATIONAL HAS FINALLY ADDED SOME SERIOUS MONEY TO THE FRONT END OF THEIR COMPENSATION PLAN!We all know that their RESIDUAL INCOME has always been the strongest in the industry. They are now adding a new FRONT END fast start upfront money onto their already lucrative back end residual!   

Now, the question has been HOW DOES THIS PROGRAM REALLY WORK! I thought I’d take some time to break down this new “INCOME ESCALATOR” for you. Here we go.

With this new program, everyone is considered a CUSTOMER. You have three different types of customers:


This customer may only want to purchase one order of the new NatureBorn Vitamin this month and not purchase another order for months. He/She does NOT need to submit their SSN and is NOT placed on an Autoship Program. The cost to them is $45 plus tax/shipping.


This customer also does NOT need to submit their SSN, but they ARE placed on an Autoship Program, where every month they will be shipped the companies new wholefoods NatureBorn Vitamin. They can cancel their Autoship at any time. The cost to them is $40 plus tax/shipping.


This customer DOES need to submit their SSN and are also placed onto the Autoship Program. This customer can use their membership as a business and may be able to have significant tax benefits as well. He/She is able to refer other customers and receive numerous different commissions as a result. The cost to them is $40 plus tax/shipping.



It’s very simple. There are SIX different ways that you get PAID!

1. Retail Profits

Preferred Customers pay the RETAIL price for the NatureBorn product. When you refer this customer you will receive a $10 Retail profits on each purchase they make.

2. Auto Profits

Auto Preferred Customers and Auto Referring Customers pay a discounted price for the NatureBorn product. When you refer this customer you will receive a $5 Retail Profit on each purchase they make.

3. Group Commissions

Every customer is assigned a position in the “Floating Matrix” commissions program. Your position is determined by your activity. You receive activity points monthly. Your points at the end of the month determines your final position in the matrix. You will earn a percentage of the sales volume of the other customers placed below you in the matrix down 4 levels. Each month the matrix is reset and the entire company starts over running for the top positions.

4. Leadership Matching Bonus

When an Auto Referring Customer of ARC receives their Group Commission check, you can position yourself to receive a Matching Bonus on their 3rd and 4th level payout!

5. Global Bonus Pools (Original Qualifier)

12% of the total volume in the Income Escalator is gathered each month and placed into 4 different bonus pools and split up amongst all qualifying ARC’s

6. Global Bonus Pools (Matching Qualifier)

Qualifiers receive matching bonuses on their personally referred Original Qualifiers.

The company’s goal is to have a business affordable for everyone and the ability for a new person to really earn as they learn. After earning some significant money on this INCOME ESCALATOR a new ARC’s goal should be to “bridge” over to the original TNI compensation plan. This new Front End addition to the already lucrative back end TNI compensation plan, may just have customers running around town with big “commas” in their checks!

So as you can see Tahitian Noni International really hit it big with this one!



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